On Thursday 14th December, Thistle Court Care Home, hosted a heart-warming animal intervention therapy session, bringing joy and connection to its residents โ€“ fondly referred to as family members.

In collaboration with Animals Interactive, a Torfaen-based company specialising in interactive animal experiences, the home welcomed various animals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, snake, meerkat, skunk, lizards, owl, and the charming Fang the fox. The family members at Thistle Court embraced the furry and scaly guests with open arms, expressing sheer joy and delight. From cuddling with the animals to actively participating in feeding sessions, family members couldnโ€™t stop smiling throughout the event.

Extensive research highlights the pivotal role of animal intervention therapy in empowering residents to overcome loneliness, as the interactions with animals actively decrease feelings of social isolation while serving as a comforting source. Thistle Court Care Home not only acknowledges but wholeheartedly embraces the profound significance of this therapeutic approach, recognising its active role in enhancing the overall well-being of its residents.

The success of the animal intervention therapy session at Thistle Court Care Home highlights the positive impact on the residents’ well-being. The therapeutic interactions with the animals served as a powerful tool in fostering a sense of connection and reducing the feelings of loneliness among the family members. As they engaged in activities like cuddling and feeding, the residents experienced moments of joy and companionship, contributing to a supportive community within the care home.

Thistle Court Care Home is based in Cwmbran, South Wales. The homeโ€™s approach to life recognises the values, beliefs and identity of each person. Each person that may need support is unique and by understanding oneโ€™s life history, oneโ€™s journey in life, by striving to be a true continuation of home, the team at Thistle Court Home create a place where everyone feels safe and never alone.