Peter Naylor is a retired Financial Advisor and was an owner of his own company. He was born in 1944 in Harrow to Marjorie and Benjamin Naylor and brought up to be a proud patriot of his country. Through his work, Peter has had the distinct honour of meeting His Royal Highness King Charles, when he was the Prince of Wales, and shared a memorable moment. However, Peter’s connection to British royalty goes beyond this encounter.

His father, Benjamin Naylor has an incredible life story and was a decorated war hero. While serving in World War II, his plane was tragically shot down over France. However, fate was on his side as he was miraculously rescued by the French Resistance where he was smuggled into Spain and eventually reunited with his wife Marjorie. He then went on to earn the Distinguished Flying Medal from none other than the Queen’s Father, George VI, for his exceptional bravery and service.

If this wasn’t already enough of a connection, the Naylor family has an even longer history of distinguished service to the Crown. Peter Naylor’s maternal great-grandfather, William James Jones, was recognised for his exceptional contributions and services to the Crown. William was awarded the Royal Victorian Medal by King George V, who, notably, was the grandfather of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

After all this impressive life history, Peter now resides in Thistle Court where he continues to be patriotic and proud. He remains very fond of the royal family and became emotional while watching the proud moment that united the country – the King’s Coronation. He enjoys reading the newspaper, watching sports on the TV with his friend Gerry who visits him regularly, and solving puzzles. His bedroom walls are adorned with his family’s photos, and he loves sharing the magnificent stories of his family’s past.

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