Welfare: “The Health, Happiness, and Fortunes of a Person”

Jay and Tina have both worked in care for many years. Actually, it’s probably incorrect of us to say they’ve “worked” in care because care for them is part of their being, part of their essence.

When you join us and first walk into our Cwmbran Care Home, you are welcomed into a family and Jay and Tina are a central part of our kindred. They are there to support you, whether this support concerns your role, questions related to health, or just a listening ear. They are here to lighten the load.

They support anyone who feels more comfortable talking to someone outside of the nursing home, and you can call them whenever you feel like a chat. They are available day and night for advice, guidance and to support you with, well, pretty much anything!

One Team Member that has benefited from the Welfare Team had the following to say: “I find it very useful being able to speak to a mentor. Jay is great with replying and often gets back to me within an hour or less. I feel less overwhelmed and it’s so helpful to vent sometimes. I use it as a safety net. Previously, I was in contact with Jay more often, but this has helped build resilience and confidence, so I need to speak with him less now. I’d recommend speaking to him, or any other mentor at least once weekly.”

"I believe that a problem shared is a problem halved - talking helps! I am at the end of the phone day or night to listen confidentially, without judgement. We all have struggles in life, either at work or home and at times these can feel overwhelming. Please, it does not matter how small the problem may seem, let’s talk it through. Pick up the phone, I am here to support you!"

Tina - Welfare Team 

"I’m available 24 hours, 7 days a week, as no one ever knows when we are going to need help, so it would be daft to put a time on it! Team members can come to me about anything, it’s nice to receive calls just to have a chat sometimes.  I receive both work calls and calls from people struggling with everyday life issues.  I’m at the end of the phone to listen confidentially.  My thinking is don’t let things build up.

Jay - Welfare Team