Thistle Court Care Home, located in Cwmbran, recently celebrated the extraordinary 50th wedding anniversary of residents, fondly referred to as family members Marlene and Gordon Groom. And this wasn’t the only celebration for the day, celebrations were made even more special as Marlene also celebrated her 82nd birthday!

Marlene moved into Thistle Court Care Home in July 2022, and later that year, in November, her husband Gordon joined her, Sarah Butfield, Home Manager of  Thistle Court speaks fondly of the couple “it’s a good feeling to be able to offer Marlene and Gordon a room large enough so they can have a continuation of life, as would have done when living at home”.

The team at Thistle Court came together to organise the celebration for Marlene and Gordon. Their room was decorated with birthday and anniversary banners, and home-made cakes were specially prepared for the occasion. As a touching gesture, the couple’s beds were pushed together so they could hold hands whilst the team read out well-wishes from relatives’ cards.

Marlene, who is cared for in bed due to physical limitations, and Gordon chose to celebrate the special occasion within their room – demonstrating their preferences are valued and respected.  Traditionally, there might be a perception that couples in care homes cannot live together in the same room due to individual care needs. However, Marlene and Gordon’s choice highlights the importance of individual preference as this fosters a sense of independence.

Thistle Court Care Home approach to life recognises the values, beliefs and identity of each person. Each person that may need support is unique and by understanding one’s life history, one’s journey in life, by striving to be a true continuation of home, the team at Thistle Court Care Home creates a place where everyone feels safe and never alone.

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